In Search Of A Free Response Essay On The Web

When looking on the internet for a good free response essay, it’s hard to know what websites have the correct information and good credits. So here are some helpful tips to know the difference between a freelance writer for a company or a random students’ homework that is completely wrong.

  • When looking for a good paper, it's important to see if you like the author's tone and literary uses. If the tone isn't what you're looking for, stop reading; it's a waste of time. If the tone is wrong for you, the whole passage is wrong for you.
  • Another important factor is the structure of the essay. The structure should have four paragraphs with one conclusion and one introductory paragraph.
  • Terms are key. If it's too low of a reading level or too high, it's not good for you. The best rule is the five finger rule; if there are more than five words you don't know in a paragraph it's too hard, or if there is only one or even none of the words you don't know the writing is too simple for you.
  • One important thing to start with is the ending of the website link. The most trustworthy link endings are .gov and .edu. Some of the more questionable website endings are .org or .com - not saying you can't find a good article on these websites, as you can.
  • When looking for free response essays it is harder to find reliable ones.
  • One of the best ways to see if it's a good free response is looking at the credentials of the author.
  • Another way to check is to see what the article is about and research the topic on other websites. The reason you should do this is to compare the information and see if the information is correct on the passage you are looking at.
  • An easy way to spot a red flag is looking fo grammatical and spelling errors multiple times in the writing.
  • The last thing to look at to see if it’s a credible site is the links at the bottom that are used for the research of the author. If the author did poor research, the essay is incorrect no matter the author's credentials.

To conclude, search for the right tone for you and be credible, look at the link name, and note the credentials of the author and their research.

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Last updated: Jan 22, 2020