Where To Look For A Good Restaurant Review Essay Sample

A restaurant review is a type of opinion essay, in which you state your opinion and then provide facts to the reader about why you feel that way. If you have never written a review of a restaurant before, then it can be difficult to know what your teacher is expecting. Look in these places to find sample restaurant review essays that can help you write your own.

Educational Websites

Educational websites are always a great place to start the search for sample essays. Not only will you find the examples you need, this type of website often provides information about the different categories that you will need to use to evaluate the restaurant. For example, you may want to consider the quality of food, the cost, how good or poor the service was, and whether or not you would recommend them to your friends, and why.

Essay Writing Services

Another place to search for samples is on websites offering paid writing services. While you will not be able to see a full sample, these sites often provide snippets of the papers that they have for sale. This can help you learn the appropriate language to use for your review, as well as some of the criteria that is appropriate for a restaurant evaluation.

Online Publications

A popular place for restaurant reviews to be published is in magazines and newspapers. These will often provide you with tons of great information that you can use to write your own review. However, you should note that restaurant reviews published online are often written for both informative and entertainment purposes. You should take out the information, but be wary of the language used and the style of writing. These may be better suited to a general audience, rather than an academic one.


The great thing about blogs is that they are available all over the Internet. Like online publications, however, you have to be wary of using the style of writing because they are often meant to entertain as well as inform. Another thing to be careful of when using blogs to find information and samples for your restaurant review is the credibility of the author. Blogs do not have the same credibility as other online publications because they can be written by anyone. Additionally, restaurants sometimes pay people to review their restaurant, which may effect the honesty of the review.

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