The Layout Of An Essay: 5 Important Aspects To Consider

During your academic career, you will write many essays. The strength in your writing needs to be learned early and applied throughout your academic career. There are actually 5 easy and important aspects to consider in the layout of the successful essay. Use our tips on these 5 things to help you write A+ papers.

5 Important Things to Consider on the Essay Layout

  1. Topic strength-your interest level and strength of a topic can make or break your essay layout, the topic needs to hold your interest and it needs to lend itself to an organized plan. Pick a topic which is entertaining, informative, easy to understand, and has much research information.
  2. The thesis statement-the thesis statement will guide the paper. It is the single most important sentence in the entire layout. It has to mention the main points. A sample might be: The Great Gatsby is a tragedy moved along by the different classes, personalities, and morals depicted.
  3. Outline power-the strength of the delivery for the thesis statement is the outline. The outline can be in a topic or a sentence form. It should take hours and hours and piles of research to make a complete outline. The time should all go into this piece of the process. A perfect outline is constructed in such a way that you do not have to use anything else when writing. Some teachers will require you to submit the outline with the finished paper.
  4. Research- your research has to valid, credible, and academic. This is a scholarly paper. It cannot be filled with inaccurate information. Too many people rely on a general keyword search, rather than employing academic databases. The database is nice because everything you need is in one spot and you never have to worry about who wrote it.
  5. Proofing –I have graded many papers during my career as a teacher which had excellent content, but obviously had not been proofed and edited. I have discovered that many people can’t find or fix their own errors. If you are one of these people, then you need to hire a professional or ask a peer to help you. While you might not consider proofing to be a part of the layout. It is and it should never be an overlooked aspect in the entire process.

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