Effective Methods For Writing A Definition Essay About Friendship

Most students find definition essays to be difficult to write about. This is because the paper requires that you write a personal and at the same time academic definition of a particular work. You are supposed to write a lengthy as well as thorough definition. When your teacher has given you an option to choose the word, you should ensure that you make the right choice of a word that will offer you plenty of materials to write about. At other times, you will be given a particular word and be asked to write a definition essay on the same. One word that you can be asked to write an essay on is friendship. Here are a few tips on how to approach such an essay. Writing a definition essay on friendship is not as difficult as it seems as this is already a term that you are familiar with. You already have a basic concept and experience with this term. This makes the essay easy to write unlike when given an unfamiliar term such as “pedantic”.

Check dictionary definition

While checking on the dictionary will give you only a limited definition of the word, it can also be helpful. Even though you will not rely on the dictionary to write your essay, you need to understand the official definition of the terms friendship. This will enable you to compare your understanding of the term with its academic explanation.

Research the origin of friendship

You will need some background information on the term. Some of the resources that you can use for this purpose include the Oxford English Dictionary or any other etymology dictionary. The good thing with these sources is that they also offer background information on the way the word came into being.

Analyze the word

Separate the different parts of the word. Analyze each of them and define the different parts into different paragraphs. For instance, it is possible to separate the term friendship” into “friends” and “ship”. When trying to analyze different parts of the word, you can use other defining methods like classification and negation. This is an effective method for defining words such as friendship that have multiple parts.

Classify the term

Specify which parts and terms of speech that are used in the word as per the definition of the standard dictionary. Even though this information may seem dry and basic, it can offer helpful context on the use of a particular word.

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