Basic Instructions For Creating A Good Research Critical Analysis Essay

Creating a good research critical analysis essay can be a complicated task. Whether you want to write a dissertation for homework or just a freelance critical analysis essay, writing an effective critical analysis essay requires a good knowledge of the subject. Following are some basic instructions which will be helpful for you to write a good critical analysis essay for your dissertation homework or freelance writing.

Understanding the term critical analysis:

The first and most important thing is to understand the term “critical analysis”. The term critical analysis refers to subjective writing expressing the writer’s opinion about a subject. So in order to write a good research critical analysis essay you should do proper research on the subject, analyze it according to your own thinking and then give your critical opinion about the research.

Critical Reading:

Read the article, dissertation or thesis critically and identify the author’s basic argument. Identify whether the author is arguing for or against. Think about the context of the argument and what could have caused the author to argue that. Then you should determine whether the author is offering any solution to the problem they raise and if that solution is realistic. After that note down the main ideas of the authors research paper and do research on any term or concept which you are not familiar with. After thorough reading and understanding the article, write down the summary in your own words. The summary should not be too long. It should be one or two paragraphs.

After creating a summary identify if any appeal is used. You should be familiar with the appeals: pathos, logos, and ethos. Pathos is referred to an appeal to reader’s emotions. Logos is an attempt to change the readers mind using logic and reason. Ethos refers to an appeal to credibility. Once you’ve identified the appeals, determine the effectiveness of the author’s appeals.

Writing Analysis:

Choose different noteworthy areas of the article to analyze. Focus on the effectiveness of the authors appeals. It is a good idea to balance the positives and the negatives. Identify the controversies surrounding the topic and include the view of the opposite side and explain if the author did or did not succeed in his argument. Make sure to keep the tone of your article academic rather than personal. In your writing provide a summary of the work so that your review can have a proper context. However, the majority of the article is supposed to have your thoughts.

Organizing the Review:

First of all provide the information regarding the work such as title, authors name, type of work and work addresses. State the context of the article and the author’s purpose or thesis. After that, include your own thesis. A balanced thesis having both positive and negative opinion is common for a review. But you can also write a strongly positive or strongly negative review. Summarize the author’s key points. Now start your critical analysis. Address each separate idea in its own unique paragraph. Finally conclude, passing your final judgment.

Following the above guidelines and having thorough understanding and knowledge of the subject will help you write a good critical analysis essay whether for your dissertation homework, freelance writing or any other purpose.

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