Creating A Thesis Statement For A Problem Solution Essay: Guidelines And Examples

Thesis statement and problem solution essay. Two very different nightmare scenarios all wrapped up into one giant ball of terror! Okay, so maybe I am being a little melodramatic here but the fact remains that for a lot of students both of these tasks can prove problematic. Once overcome though, they can open the door to great things. The trick in this instance is in picking them off one by one rather than seeing them as a whole solution.

So, how do you create a thesis statement for a problem solution essay? Here’re some guidelines and examples:

Treat it as you would any other essay

As I have already alluded to a lot of people flap at the thought of having to produce a problem solution essay. However, a statement can be tailored to apply to any kind of essay. Once you understand that, you will realize that the process doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might otherwise think.

A problem solution essay poses a problem and then presents at least one, but sometimes multiple solutions. Which takes me nicely onto my next point.

Identify the problem

Identifying and framing the problem is a critical part of this task. Your tutor is not looking for you to come up with a complex problem necessarily. What they are really interested in is your ability to

  • Identify it
  • Solve it
  • Create your thesis statement

Identify the solution(s)

So, while you don’t need to come up with anything too complicated I would always recommend that you at least choose a problem with a minimum of two solutions just to add a bit of depth and a couple of layers to your work. The danger of choosing single solution problems is that with the best will in the world you can appear to be a bit lazy. As if you haven’t really put the time and effort that is required into your work.

Now to the thesis…

Contrary to popular belief writing a thesis statement isn’t exactly rocket science when you are in the zone. I can’t stress enough how structure is key to everything that you will ever do in your academic life. If you are in any doubt as to what your thesis statement should look like then go grab yourself a sample and familiarize yourself with it before beginning to write it.

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