Enhancing Your Narrative Essay Writing Skills: A Quick Guide

A narrative essay is one where the writer technically tells or gives an account of an event that happened or occurrences that he/she is aware of. It is a story telling episode but in prose form and not spoken by word of mouth. Any story that captivates and captures readers’ attention is always well told and glued together with fluid and flowing language. The figures of speech are mostly certainly gelled together to make the story one that will create and leave an impression in the mind of the reader. At times a story teller even dares and refers to other commonly known stories and people; a concept known as allusion.

To make your story a kill that deliver what it promises to, acquisition of certain skills is a basic asset. These are the tools and arsenal that will help you slay the dragon that imprisons your creativity, grammar and execution of the ideas in your mind.


Start the essay with a powerful introduction that will trigger the reader towards embarking on the later stages of the article and enjoying all the way through. You may even unleash an incident at this stage to set a stage for drama and quick action. The reader will be glued throughout the article has be goes form paragraph to the next and will not even realize that the main section has begun as he/she scrolls down the paper.

Make it so personal and one that the reader will feel as part of the story. Evoke emotions and make the reader identify himself with either the protagonist or the antagonist within the story. This will increase anticipation and the anxiety to read the next paragraph as well as remain engaged.


Select the format that appears most appealing to your audience. The best format is to first tell about the occurrence throughout the story and at the very end, give the reader a glance at what was going through your mind when the experience happened. This is one of the ways to make the story end in a manner most likely to stun the reader in a positive way.


The use of suspense within the body of the story is an important way of making the reader engaged. You can start telling about the incident then when you are at the peak divert to another incident that relates to that and as the reader flows with the latter you get back to the former and conclude it.

After considering all these it’s vital to select an incident that will never forget something extraordinary that the reader to will be fascinated about.

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