The Best Way To Organize A Cause And Effect Essay: Expert Advice

A cause and effect essay is self-sustaining; it is a complete circle where the starting half is well-complimented and answered by the second. In some way, it is analogous to the problem solution essay; only the former doesn’t vehemently search or a solution; just the repercussions.

An example

When you steal apples from someone’s orchards; there can be different fall-outs. You may be caught or not; if caught; you may be punished or forgiven If not, you may either continue stealing or get pinched by the action. Here, one cause may give rise to so many effects.

Think of strong cases

Thus while writing a cause and effect essay, you need to think of a strong cause and take care that it should have enormous potential. Natural disasters like Tsunami caused the world to take notice and prepare crisis management teams. Man-made situation of 9/11, on the other hand, made US and other countries attentive towards terrorist threat.

The human hand

Try finding those causes which occur due to a mix of the Divine hand and manual error. You can also segregate and think about purely human mistakes which may have far-reaching consequences. The spread of Social Media is one such blatant instance.

A perfect balance

Your essay should perfectly balance the cause and effect part. You need to assert that the cause is so ingrained in the human psyche that it will take a lot to bypass it. For instance, the human yearning for huge acres of developed colonies is bound to eat over arable lands and even forests.

Use different perspectives

When you think of effects; think from different perspectives. What suits one sect may actually harm the other! The first showers are generally quite heart-warming and yet to certain people, the very idea of rains is defeating. Assimilate effects with a tonsured eye and intense enquiry. This will lend your essay gravity.

Reference and opinion

You should pick out details and facts from genuine resources or reference materials. This will concretize your piece. When you mix that with your celebrated opinions, the piece automatically gains a direction to covet.

The learned opinion

You can introduce the perspective of a leading light on the subject to decorate the piece with frills. You should go through the work systematically and with time to spare so that elementary errors are wedded out.

You can take the inspiration from the name; cause and effect clearly suggesting that both have to be given due space.

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