Creating A Great Definition Essay About Fashion Of The 21st Century

If you are taking a fashion and design class, you might have to write a definition essay about the fashion of the 21st Century. A definition composition defines a term or a phrase. So, you are going to have to pick a clothing item that you want to discuss. It must be informative enough to make up an entire essay. Use our tips as you are creating your great definition essay about fashion of the 21st Century.

Tips for your Creating Your Definition Essay

  • Pants-if you choose this arena, you might want to consider focusing on leggings and their great popularity. You could discuss, also, the reemergence of the high- waisted pants after all those years of unflattering low rise muffin maker pants.
  • Shoes-the flat has been the most popular staple during this time period. If that style bores you, try the world of high couture stilettos. The shoes cost a fortune and are sky-high.
  • Evening wear-a return to classic Hollywood styles for men and women would make for a great paper. Silks, satins, and rich embellished velvets have reared their heads and the celebrities love them.
  • Lips enhancement-you could write about cosmetic enhancement as a fashion move, if you wanted. No enhancement has moved among the classes like the lip injections have. Pucker up.
  • Hats-no one does Hats like the British do. This world of headwear and its popularity in the U.K. would make quite a great definition essay.
  • Skirts-skirts have moved away from the extreme mini-skirt to a variety of lengths. Wild and bright prints are found, as well as classic plaids and wools. The skirt comes in many lengths and many patterns, yet remains a fashion favorite.
  • A shirt for ladies-the peasant blouse with embroidered embellishments has been a great favorite for 21st Century fashion. The brighter and more ornate the patterns and stitching, the better.
  • Tie wear-the bow tie is back and everyone loves it. The dots, bright patterns, and stripes adorn this classic, which has been rediscovered in 21st Century men’s wear. Even the ladies can’t resist the sassy bow tie.

As you are creating this essay, you will need to know your designers, styles, fabrics, and brands. You are the expert on the topic. You want to use examples in order to show your reader about the trends in the industry for this time period.

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