Picking Up Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For 4th Grade Students

The narrative essay is a popular composition type and involves the author telling a story of a personal experience or incident they were a part of. It is simple to write, often requiring very little complexity and can be based entirely on the authors perspective and opinion of the situation. Despite the familiarity with the subject that the author is likely to have, a poor topic choice can make an otherwise enjoyable venture, into quite the task. Here are some narrative essay topic choices for consideration by 4th grade students:

  1. The scariest experience of my life before I realized that monsters were imaginary.
  2. How I felt when I finally figured out exactly how to tie a pair of shoe laces.
  3. The excruciating experience of loosing my first tooth.
  4. The earliest day of my life that I can remember and what I was thinking at the time.
  5. My first day of school and why it is the most significant first experience memory of my life.
  6. What I imagine it would be like during birth if I were aware of what was happening.
  7. Give a detailed description of the most momentous event of your life that affects you even today.
  8. Why last summer was the most memorable vacation of my life.
  9. How spending Christmas holidays at my relative was completely different from what I was accustomed to.
  10. My favorite adventure with my imaginary friend.
  11. How I overcame the most terrifying experience of my life.
  12. One thing I would change if I had the chance to travel back in time.
  13. How I felt the first time I had my favorite food.
  14. The most breath taking sight I have ever seen.
  15. My first visit to a forested mountain side.
  16. That was the weirdest experience I have ever had.
  17. The most terrifying moment of my life that creeps me out to this day.
  18. The most dangerous thing I have ever done and will never do again
  19. The day I hurt the person that means the most to me.
  20. The night I thought I saw an alien spaceship flying in the sky above me.
  21. The most memorable moment in my life that I will cherish forever.
  22. What it felt like after receiving the news that someone close to me has died.
  23. Why this holiday is my favorite one.
  24. My first encounter with the things that became my deepest, darkest fear.
  25. The most embarrassing experience of my life.

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