How To Improve Your Argumentative Essay: Effective Suggestions

In English classes, you are often asked to write an argumentative assignment where you have to prove a point. Some students can confuse an argument with an opinion, but in this case, an argument is something you have to back up with sources and facts. Opinions, on the other hand, are not backed up by logic or sources.

Steps for writing an argumentative paper for school

You should start by writing an introduction that talks a little about the issue you are going to be arguing against. You should have a thesis statement that condenses your perspective and stance on this situation into one sentence. This goes next in the introduction, after which you need to introduce the opposing point of view that you will be arguing. Have this last so that readers remember the focus of your essay.

The next step is to write three paragraphs each providing some evidence that goes against the title of your assignment. Your teacher will probably require the evidence sources to be from academic studies or reputable facts only. Research this at the school library, online, or from your textbook.

  • Write the paper in paragraphs that make sense and lead back to the main point. Each one should have a contained thought within that paragraph that will transition smoothly to the next one. If you are not sure how readable your writing is, ask a friend to give their opinion
  • Make sure you use well documented sources for your research and go into detail about how they support what you are talking about
  • Always get your work proofread, even just using the built-in spelling and grammar checking in your word processing software and/or asking a friend to read it for you
  • Avoid using opinions or anecdotes for evidence, as it needs to be concrete and based on fact in order to count for anything
  • Remember to carefully read your teacher’s instructions, because every format and rule for writing will either make or break your grade, and you want to follow what the teacher is expecting exactly

Then, write your conclusion summarizing what you already said into a pithy sentence or two. Also, suggest a new way of looking at the evidence you already provided, giving perspective and making the reader think more about it. This is a great way to leave the reader with something memorable about your homework after finishing it.

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