The Top 25 Narrative Essay Topics For 10th Grade Students

A narrative essay is an assignment where your main task is to write a story from your own life, share your thoughts, experience and expectations. Sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? However, according to the statistics it is the most difficult type of essays for a student to choose a topic independently. So, don’t worry if you are struggling to choose a theme and there are still no results. Try to find the best one among the suggested one in this article.

The list of themes for 10th grade students:

  1. Figure out the most fascinating/unfortunate/funny/unusual travelling experience of your life and describe it. Pick up the needed adjective and let the writing process begin. Decide what experience will be the most interesting for your future readers and can it help you to get the highest grades.
  2. Describe the situation from life, when nobody believed in your potential, but you have proved that you are worth to be trusted in. It can be anything – from a sport achievement to getting a scholarship for a free trip to country of your dreams, or even writing a successful narrative essay for your studies.
  3. Maybe you had an exciting first experience and you want to share about it. You are free to choose even the craziest ideas like your first experience and impressions of eating a banana, watching you’re a movie that became your favorite and inspires you, riding your first bike or visiting a memorable place. You can even describe your first time falling in love with somebody. Be as creative as possible, and remember that topic does not always have to be unique, because the success of your job mostly depends on the style of writing.
  4. Write about the things you like – meal, music, animals, books, celebrities, idols, sport, hobbies, counties, jobs etc.
  5. Write about your dreams: if I had a billion of dollars; if I was an astronaut/magician/god etc; what could I change in the past/future? What my future can be?
  6. Try to describe your carrier experience – the worst/best job; my dream job; the job I would never want to have; the job of my parents; my first job etc.
  7. Maybe you have some creative ideas? – My own TV-show/movie/advertisement/novel/song; me as a famous painter/architect/sculptor.
  8. Imagine yourself as a president or a principle, what changes you would like to do?
  9. Describe an unusual experience of your life – meeting a ghost/UFO etc.

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