Little-Known Ways To Find Good Discursive Essay Topics

If you have a discursive essay assignment, you should find out what a strong paper should look like and how to select a good topic. Your instructor will tell you what important nuances to keep in mind or you can visit your school’s writing lab to get a writing manual and a list of sample topics. The following guidelines and places where to search for the winning ideas for your paper will help you get started.

The Purpose and Style of a Discursive Essay

Before you start choosing your essay topic, it makes sense to identify the purpose of your work and get some understanding of what style to use. The main goal of such an assignment is to develop an objective examination of your subject. Your topic should be debatable, controversial and allow you to present a balanced discussion of the issues under the study. Your work should provide argumentation of the both sides of the discussion. The paper should be composed in a formal style. Although you should draw your own conclusion towards the issue, you should avoid using the first person voice. You need to pick a topic that corresponds to your interests so that you will have some basic knowledge about it and be able to structure your thoughts effectively. Remember that transitional wording is very important in the discursive papers.

The Places to Look for Great Discursive Essay Topic Ideas

There are a few places that you should check first, including your department’s website and resources of your school’s library. However, you can also follow these little-known ways to find what you need and make a positive impression on your professor:

  1. Consider using your personal experience.
  2. You can brainstorm and come up with a great topic idea. For example, select an argument that influenced your life significantly or compose a claim opposite to the point of view of your best friend.

  3. Visit a town hall meeting.
  4. The town hall and other governmental institutions are a great source of discursive topics. It is a good idea to attend a meeting dedicated to the local elections, increases in local taxes, or greening the public area.

  5. Attend a debate club meeting.
  6. High schools and colleges encourage their students to participate in debate contests. Students join so-called debate clubs to master their discursive and public speaking skills. Such a meeting could be a great source of inspiration for you.

  7. Check social media.
  8. Plenty of great topics are discussed in social media. There, people are more open so that they do not hesitate to raise important issues and provide argumentation to support their point of view. Use that information to compose a topical essay idea.

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