The Top 20 Hottest Argumentative Essay Topics On Politics

Political essays are written to offer detailed analysis of various practices employed by the politicians. Such topics generally turn into hot argument or topic of debate by the public. Such informational essays are written to evoke the reader’s attention and make public aware as in what is happening worldwide.

Check out 20 hottest argumentative essay topics on politics

  1. What do you think – do politicians employ rhetoric mode of expression to convey their thoughts? Is their speech more of persuasive style and exploits the figures to serve their purposes? Do people standing in election uses compositional techniques to come into power?
  2. Is displaying political cartoons in newspapers and internet is good way to present the image of politicians? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of presenting the current political situation in the public’s eye by media?
  3. Which is better system of ruling the country- autocracy or democracy?
  4. Does media interferes in politics? Is its role positive or negative? Discuss if the television channels are ruled by politics and divulge what politicians want to reveal. Discuss how politicians handle media to attain their objectives?
  5. Is allowing homo sexual marriages by government are a way to attract votes? Are politicians playing with the moral and ethical values of public?
  6. Should America be again turned from liberal nation to a conservative nation? Does it have more merits or demerits?
  7. Is two party system in America the best way to rule the nation? Why, why not?
  8. Will prominence of US fall in upcoming 25 years? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  9. Do conservative people have issues with white or brown immigrants in regards of plastic paddy heritage?
  10. Why or why not weapons are must for maintaining peace?
  11. Are politicians making misuse of their rights? Are they wasting more money on luxurious items? Should this limit be reduced to half?
  12. Should Greece support the upcoming referendum?
  13. Is Obama’s Presidency considered to be the best in the nation’s history? Why, why not?
  14. Is the role of opposition hindering the progressive steps made by the ruling party? How?
  15. Which is better option that needs to be offered to every citizen- defined benefits or defined contribution pensions? Why?
  16. Should voting age be increased to 21? Will youth be more active during this age? Support with reasons.
  17. Do you think news channels are biased towards political parties? Are they bribed to support them?
  18. Is changing names of metro cities holds any good reason for the country? Why?
  19. Are married political leaders not that successful in contrast to unmarried political leaders? Why?
  20. Are politicians using religious matter as the vote bank?

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