The Best 5-Paragraph Essay Topics: A List Of Ideas Or College

The situation might be such that you are going to write a 5-paragraph essay, but not sure about your topic. The foremost thing you should be aware even before you choose your topic is that it should something on which you are comfortable and have adequate knowledge.

The topics for essays of this format can be anything as there are no restrictions to topics on which you can write about.

It can be something as simple as “My first teacher” to something more serious like “Economic power of the US”. The basis of these essays is that they tend to pave the way for understanding and developing knowledge to write on broader aspects later on. This is why 5-paragraph essays form a part of the syllabus for primary or high school students. Since, the content should be introduced, explained and concluded with five paragraphs, hence choosing the topic for such types of essays also becomes more important. You need to go for something that needs lesser introduction and for which you can directly jump to the point.

Another important feature is the structure of the paper. Since introduction and conclusion will cover up two paragraphs, you need to arrange your body in three meaningful paragraphs. Hence, a wise way to choose your topic is first to sort out a few and then find three related ideas and connect them. However, it is helpful if you are passionate or care about the topic you select. Once you write something that you are feeling excited about, it will certain excite its reader.

Let us get to know some of the subject matters for our essays:

  • Advertising and its role in today’s world - Advertising is a method of showing products or services to consumers and helps them choose what they should go for.
  • Advantages of living under modernization – The huge benefits that technology has brought to today’s world.
  • Societal changes that would take place if human life span were increased by 100 years – Certainly we would have a lot of experience around us.
  • Is automation a blessing or curse to manual labor? – Highly debatable, since both of them have their own benefits.
  • Seven days you would like to spend with your family or friends? – Interesting topic, as each of us, will have our own opinion regarding this one.
  • Use of animals in medical research – It becomes an interesting discussion especially when many species are becoming rare to find.
  • These are only a few out of the wide range of topics available. You can select the one that is most suitable for you and go ahead.

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