How To Write A 6-Paragraph Narrative Essay: Tips For 8th Grade Students

Narrative essays can be one of the most exciting kinds of papers for 8th grade students to write, because it allows them to draw from their own life and experience and tell as story that has been in some way significant to them. While this is generally an enjoyable experience, it can also be difficult for students to translate their own story, or something that has until now existed mostly in their own head, and put it on the page in a way that is going to make sense to the reader and mean as much to them as it does to the student.

Follow this simple guide to how to write a 6 paragraph narrative essay:

  1. Paragraph 1
  2. Your first paragraph should more or less serve as your paper’s introduction. Its main purpose should be to set the scene and establish the setting of your story. This typically will include where it is taking place, when in time it takes place such as the year, what season or time of day it takes place in, and what kind of place it takes place it. Try to do your best to show and not tell your reader these things. You can accomplish this by using imagery.

  3. Paragraph 2
  4. Your second paragraph can continue to establish the setting if it needs to, but it is also where you will start to establish the characters in your story. This could include other people in it, but will also establish who the narrator is. You’ll need to decide whether you want to tell your story in the first or third person.

  5. Paragraph 3
  6. Your third paragraph is generally where you will start the action of the story.

  7. Paragraph 4
  8. Your fourth paragraph should have the action meet its climax and conclude the action.

  9. Paragraph 5
  10. Your fifth paragraph is an important one because it is where you will do the bulk of reflection on your story. The thing that makes a narrative paper different than just a short story is that you should reflect on your story and even analyze it a bit. A good way to do this is to talk about how it effected your or changed your life in some way, or what lesson it taught you.

  11. Paragraph 6
  12. In your sixth paragraph you should try to relate your story to your reader’s life.

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