Developing a five-paragraph essay: definition and examples

A 5-paragraph essay is the staple diet of creative writing; it almost forms a steady plinth. % paragraphs are presumed to offer enough leeway to the writer to express his feelings on any topic. The point is how you develop these 5 paragraphs.

In essence, there are three distinct ways of developing these 5 paragraphs. You cannot obviously mess with the Introduction and Conclusion. The games, if any, are played in the middle paragraphs. Here is taking a look at the three distinct types –

  • The popular and staple style – Here, the first paragraph is the Introduction. The second offers the advantages of the topic and the third its disadvantages. Alternatively, the second paragraph may offer a clean take on one side of the topic and the third paragraph on the second side.
  • The fourth paragraph is a synthesis of perspectives along with yours. The final paragraph is the Conclusion derived from previous paragraphs. You can find this style commonly in persuasive or judgmental pieces.
  • The creative style – Here, the first paragraph or the Introduction straightaway leads to the second and so on till the conclusion. You keep hinting at the junctures or keep returning to the previous fold. You also beset it with quality examples to make the readers melt with the topic.
  • The conclusion here is generally liberating. There is that effort to personalize the readers. The topics are invariably those you feel quite conversant with. This style can be observed in narrative and reflective pieces. You shall keep in mind that these pieces also carry the first-mentioned style whenever the writer desires so.
  • The disparate style – Here, all the paragraphs are distinct and yet they melt into each other. Here, the writer requires creating all paragraphs in a gravitational way. They should carry an equal weight.
  • The Introduction and Conclusion here are placed with the additional responsibility of strengthening the Body. You need to do a thorough research and lace each paragraphs with due references and figures. This style is compliant with the expository piece.

Stand by your purpose

You may also try other styles to cultivate your 5-paragraph essay. The major point of emphasis is that you cannot defeat the purpose of the piece. You need to present your view clearly on the topic and assign it a credential direction. Your piece should be a value-addition in every sense of the meaning.

The perfection that you require for creating 5-paragraph pieces duly comes with time and practice. Work towards it till you acquire a substantial style.

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