Creating A Personal Response Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee’s wonderful novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” has had brought lot of appreciation, international accolades and awards like Pulitzer Prize. Her novel was taken to shoot a popular movie “Gregory Peck” way back to 1960. To Kill a Mockingbird is the fantastic novel showcasing prominent racial profiling, color distinction and gender bias in Southern town. Harper grew up in Monroeville, Alabama and experienced the caustic racial segregation, violence, racism, and color distinction to harass the black colored communities. The white and black people lived in Alabama but they had social obligations with hidden vexation. In her novel, she has described many horrible incidents to prioritize the injustice, and sycophancy lowering down the human value desperately. Write a qualitative personal response essay ventilating your views, opinions and experience to evaluate this awe-inspiring novel.

Few Things to Remember

  • The writer’s personal feeling must be ventilated smoothly in this novel of “ To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • Include a brief introductory note, a body of content and conclusion.
  • Compose thesis statement with the introduction
  • Do character evaluation based on To Kill a Mockingbird”

Racial Profiling, Racism and Depression influence Lee

A standard personal response essay expresses the feeling and opinions of the writer. In this content, a writer will have to analyze his thoughts and feeling about the characters present in the novel or book. So, go through the novel and then ventilate what you feel and think about some protagonists like Scouts, Boo Radley, Atticus and Tom Robinson. These fictitious characters should be properly evaluated by spotting different traits. Atticus is a lawyer and he is also the honest and responsible father to rear his children Jem Finch and Scout. The tension of high voltage racial profiling and vandalism was skyrocketing in Alabama where this female writer stayed for long time. She saw the violence and irritation due to infighting between the White and the Black communities.

Lee Showcases Tension and Bad Effect of Color Distinction in To Kill a Mockingbird

Depression and agitation were terrific to disturb Lee. In between, during her childhood days, she saw her father fighting for settling Scottsboro issues. However, the influence of the white colored administrators and the jury surprised Lee. So, this novel has reflected the impact of imperialism and invincible color distinction. Atticus defended Tom Robinson who was convicted due to his involvement in a rape case. Mayella Ewell was raped by a wicked person. Tom was caught and a case was registered against this gentleman because of his presence in raping this white colored woman. Atticus was seen defending Tom by providing lot of facts to prove the innocence of Tom. He didn’t rape this woman. He must be given justice. However, the jury coming from the white communities didn’t value words of Atticus. Tom was a member of Black community. So, owing to the severe color distinction and racial profiling, he was not able to have the right justice from the higher authority.

Now, in your response write-up, do the character assessment properly. What do you feel about the roles of Boo Radley, Atticus and Scout group? Boo Radley’s dramatic appearance in the novel is the turning point to give a new recognition /identity to Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

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