Simple Guidelines On Creating A Definition Essay

The definition essay can be tough. It sounds easy, as you are defining one word or phrase, but you have to write an entire paper on this one word or phrase. And you have to have logical, credible, and reliable information. The word or phrase needs a lot of information or you will struggle with this task. Use our simple guidelines on creating your perfect definition essay.

Simple Guidelines for Creating

  • Word selection-pick a word that has a lot of meaning to it. You want to be able to discuss it for the length of the paper. Selecting the word tiger would be better than selecting the word cat. Tiger is more specific and has more complexity.
  • Word parts and meanings-does the word have several parts such as the word livingroom? If it does, you will want to look at all parts of the word. You can also discuss each meaning.
  • You know it-make sure you really know the word. Look at all aspects and nuances of the choice you make. It can be argued-can the definition that you know for the word be argued by the general public? If so, this would be interesting for you to write about in the definition essay.
  • Origins and various uses-where does the selection originate from, has the meaning changed, and how did it get the name? For example, where did the word smith come from and when did it become a person makes with items such as metals, as in black smith.
  • Examples-the paper will be more interesting if you can show examples of the word, not just tell your audiences about it. Paint a visual with your descriptive word choices.
  • Part of Speech-make sure to include the part of speech that your choice is. For example, is it a noun or maybe a verb? Also define what job this part of speech does within the sentence.
  • What the word isn’t-you can create the definition essay by stating what the word is not. For example, a tiger is not a lion, even though they are both big cats. This unusual approach makes a creating this essay fun and innovative.

As you are creating your definition essay, use our simple guidelines. You can use them as a checklist for how to approach your paper and have success. Doing so will result in an informative, entertaining, and innovative composition.

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