Top 23 Profile Essay Topics You Can Handle

A profile essay is a great way of explaining and describing further about a particular subject. It might be that you teacher has given you some generic topics that you need to use as the basis of your paper, or you might have free rein over what you write about. Alternatively, it might be you’re your paper needs to at least be loosely connected with the subject that you are studying for and, therefore, there are some restrictions on what topics you can choose.

Ultimately, some students find it easier if they have restrictions imposed upon what topics they can choose, whilst others find it much easier when they can write about anything; however, most students will benefit from using various brainstorming techniques in order to come up with ideas of what to write about.

Alternatively, another good way of getting inspiration of what to write about is to look at articles, blog posts and especially past papers that have been written by other students. You can then use these to help you to think of good ideas for your own work.

Also, when it comes to getting inspiration from pre-written topic ideas, you might like to use some of the suggestions below.

  1. A profile of one of your close friends
  2. A profile of a veteran of the Vietnam War
  3. A profile of one of your parents
  4. A profile of your brother or sister
  5. A profile of your favorite teacher
  6. A profile of someone who you know and considered to be a hero
  7. A profile of a good role model
  8. A profile of someone you enjoy visiting in your local area
  9. A profile of a local beauty spot
  10. A profile of a place with a beautiful view
  11. A profile of your favorite restaurants
  12. A profile of a café that you do not like
  13. A profile of a countryside seen
  14. A profile of an urban landscape
  15. A profile of your garden
  16. A profile of your grandparents
  17. A profile of your next-door neighbors
  18. A profile of a movie star
  19. A profile of a famous sports personality
  20. A profile of somebody who has lived to the age of 100 years old
  21. A profile of a new-born baby
  22. A profile of the local policeman
  23. A profile of yourself

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