Good Essay Topics: 25 Hot Issues To Explore

How often you are excited to write an essay? Almost never! This is because you don’t choose your subjects right. When you write about something that you love, the words come naturally and you don’t have to struggle so much. Besides, it’s easy to find information about exciting topics, since everyone is eager to write about them. Here are some good ideas for your next composition:

  1. Transgender children. Write about the most famous children who were born in the wrong body.
  2. Homosexual couples and adoption.
  3. Religious discrimination. Give some clear examples that you witnessed.
  4. Marijuana. Is it really dangerous? Should it be legalized everywhere?
  5. Women rights. In some countries, women are still considered lower than men.
  6. Assisted suicide. Should people have the right to commit assisted suicide?
  7. Beauty pageants for children. Are they moral?
  8. Industrial food.
  9. Communism. Help your colleagues know more about this ideology.
  10. Harassment. How can you prevent it?
  11. Violent video games. Can we blame Video Games for the violent behavior of teenagers?
  12. Hunting. It is okay to hunt animals just for fun?
  13. Religious freedom. In many schools, students are not allowed to bring or wear any religious symbols.
  14. Legal age for drinking. If a person is old enough to go in the army, he should be allowed to drink alcohol.
  15. Interracial marriages. Why some people consider this a problem?
  16. Child labor. It sounds terrifying, but in some countries this is the only way to survive.
  17. Privacy on Social Media. We share pictures and thoughts, but is this really safe? How can this affect our life?
  18. Pedophilia. Should criminals be allowed to live in the society? Is there any way to make sure that they will not hurt any child?
  19. Prisons. Inmates are fed and supported by the government, but citizens pay taxes for this. How fair it is to pay someone who committed a crime?
  20. Animal abuse. Should the punishments be more severe?
  21. Internet banking. Should we worry that hackers will steal our money?
  22. Postpartum depression. Why does this happen to so many women?
  23. Obese children. Should the parents be punished for this? It is their responsibility to feed their child with healthy food?
  24. Death punishment. Is it moral? Should it be considered a crime?
  25. Freelance work. How can students work from home?

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