The Purpose Of A Synthesis Essay: 4 Quick Tips

If you need to write a synthesis essay, then it is important to understand what the purpose of this form of academic work is. Essentially, unless you understand what you’re doing, it will make it very difficult to write a high quality piece of work. Therefore, to ensure that you are aware of the purpose requirements of this type of work, the following provides four quick tips to help you.

  1. Establishing relevant connections between the sources that you use
  2. One of the main aims of a synthesis paper is to establish relevant connections between various sources and materials that you use. For example, if you are discussing poetry, then you may use various poems as the materials that you are discussing. In fact, you can also use other forms of literature and written content, as long as you can find relevant connections.

  3. Explaining the relevance of these connections
  4. As well as establishing connections, you need to explain the relevance of these connections. In fact, rather than simply stating why you think the two are connected, you should take the time to analyze and discuss these various connections, so as to explain why you think they are relevant. Of course, whilst it may seem obvious to you, it is important that the reader understands why you have connected the various sources.

  5. Writing in such a way that the reader has a better understanding of the topic
  6. As mentioned, it is important that you consider the reader whilst writing your work. Ultimately, you want to ensure that they have a better understanding of the topic that you are discussing. Therefore, you need to assume that they do not necessarily know anything about the topic to start with and, therefore, you need to explain things concisely, so that they understand what you are discussing. Generally, this is particularly important when writing an explanatory synthesis paper.

  7. Presenting your own point of view
  8. As well as writing an explanatory synthesis paper, you may be required to write an argumentative synthesis paper. If this is the case, then you will focus particularly on putting forward your point of view in relation to the materials and sources that you have described. If this is the case, then you need to analyze the various materials that you are using, in order to find various facts and information to back up what you’re saying.

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