Topics For A Cause And Effect Essay – 15 Fresh Suggestions

Although there are several types of essays that exist in the academic life of most students, there are a few basic rules and regulations that directly contribute to the general structure of the paper and in turn, cannot be disregarded. The cause and effect essay is no different in that it has to adhere to these basic guidelines but it also has some rules unique to this type of literary assignment that also shapes the paper.

The list below will contain fifteen fresh, interesting and exciting topic suggestions for cause and effect essays. Please do not simply attempt the ones easiest to you for you would not gain anything new from this practice exercise. Check with your school board to find out if any of these titles or the actual method violates any unknown or unorthodox student guideline before embarking on this academic journey.

  1. Why is homelessness or vagrancy still exist in developed countries although there are several proposed solutions that various persons belonging to the field suggested?
  2. Allergy is mostly understood so why is it that mankind can not curb this ailment yet?
  3. What causes social media websites and services lose its popularity in this world where people are addicted to being connected?
  4. Discuss the reasons why many students claim that certain class sessions are extremely boring.
  5. Can it be stated that a romantic relationship suffering from prolonged separation has a high chance of nurturing infidelity?
  6. It is sad to think that the disabled community naturally experiences more difficulty when faced with attaining a well paying job?
  7. What causes people top become stressed in their respected occupation?
  8. How is it that specific search engines are more popular among a people belonging to the same nation?
  9. Describe the pros and cons that music has on the studying individual.
  10. Research the issues, if any, that women who undergo an abortion may develop after going through with the procedure.
  11. Define the main reasons that there is still such a high percentage of citizens in America who is under the bread line?
  12. What causes the number of child diabetes cases to steadily rise in most first world nations?
  13. Explain the various ways pathogenic organisms are spread throughout a nation or geographical location.
  14. Is the shift in popularity from the PC to the mobile device a positive change for the current student population?
  15. Should students be given the choice to use electronic devices during class time and also when completing their homework?

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